NUTRIENT SOLUTION growing algae with spit and breath „Stocks of various microalgae are available in your pantry – differing in species, metabolic by-products, growth rate, and appearance. Choose the right algae culture for your personal requirements. Three different plates provide three different growing conditions that result in three different dishes. Take the appropriate plate and […]


WARM-UP ALGAE EXPERIMENTS The students were asked to search for algae experiments that they could try by themselves – as a warm up. Photosynthesis with algae balls by Yi Gongand Laura Pelizzari creating agar-based bioplastics by Dorothea Lang Algaegraphs, on the model of Lia Giraud by Ina Turinskyand Andi Wagner Species and habitants by Luis […]


SUBLIMINALS nutrient supply & health care by bacteria We eat genetically modified food containing less nutrients than the original forms. On the other hand, we enjoy drinks enriched with minerals and vitamins. When we suffer from deficiency symptoms we take pills to adjust our vitamin and nutrient balance. Are there better ways of nutrient supply […]