PA10.10+Flax profile

PA10.10+Flax profile by Fridolin Richter & Sebastian Kommer PA10.10 Brand name: VESTAMID® Terra DSManufacturer: EVONIKRaw material: Castor oilCarbon Footprint: 4.0 kg CO2eq.Processing temp.: 220 – 250 °CDrying temp.: 80 – 100 °C Properties:high mechanical strengthgood UV and chemical resistancehigh light transmissioncan be used at high temperatures Origin: Castor oil is extracted from the seeds of the […]

PLA profile

PLA profile  by Caterina Plenzick, Anselm Wohlfahrt, Rafael Vinz & Lukas Keller Raw materials – basic building blocks/ starting materialsPLA is a biodegradable, bio-based, thermoplastic polyester. Through the biotechnological fermentation of sugar, lactic acid is produced in bioreactors with the help of bacteria from the Lactobacillus family, which is then polymerised. The starting materials for PLA are […]


INTERVIEW with STEPHAN KABASCI from FRAUNHOFER UMSICHT by Caterina Plenzick, Anselm Wohlfahrt, Rafael Vinz & Lukas Keller PLA has many similarities with oil-based plastics. Can you mention these and as well the main differences in terms of the materials‘ performative properties? PLA can be produced from renewable raw materials as well as from residues from […]


INTERVIEW with MARIO MALINCONICO from CNR by Caterina Plenzick, Anselm Wohlfahrt, Rafael Vinz & Lukas Keller Which stakeholders have the greatest responsibility in the development of new closed material cycles? Companies producing goods and services in Europe are investing significant resources in the circular processing of their products in order to improve the acceptance of […]


REPOLA Medical gear made circular Repola is the service for circular, disposable medical products made from four different PLA plastic blends. The blends are tailored for patient care, textiles for surgical use, plastic for disposable cutlery such as forceps, scalpels and disposable scissors, and for use as packaging.The different types of plastics are divided by […]


EXCURSION TO OPVIUS  a company producing organic solar cells in Kitzingen – 11.11.2019 In November we visited the company Opvius in Kitzingen, which produces printed organic solar cells. We got a great insight in the unique production, the potentials, the products and applications. Stephan Hildebrandt, a graduate from industrial design at the Burg, who now […]


INTERVIEW with MARTIN HERMENAU from HELIATEK by Anselm Wohlfahrt Heliatek sells organic photovoltaic products (OPV) both in the form of finished film modules and the OPV film in its pure form. This allows cooperating companies to integrate organic photovoltaics into glass, metal, concrete or similar components. What are the challenges of such a cooperation? What […]


FILOU Solar cells for climate-conscious tenants Roofs and façades in Germany bear the potential for the installation of solar energy systems capable of generating 1.4 GW, according to Fraunhofer ISE. But how do we use this potential, if more than 50 percent of the population in Germany lives in rented flats and does not have […]