BACTERIAL CELLULOSE profile  by Stefanie Putsch, Dean Weigand & Elena Bangel Description of the material: Cellulose is a polymer made from the monomer cellobiose. It is the main component of plant cell membranes and is the most abundant biomolecule. The linkage of the monomers takes place through a condensation reaction in which two hydroxyl groups (-OH) form […]


FOMU The home-cultured menstrual sponge fomu, the home-cultured menstrual sponge, is the fictitious idea of ​​a reusable menstrual product made from bacterial cellulose. Through a fermentative process with a cellulose-forming bacterium, the bacterial cellulose is cultivated, growing into a three-dimensional foam structure. The resulting by-products are either fed back into previous processes or are used […]