EXCURSION #1 TO BERLIN 08.10.2021 Literaturhaus Berlin On Oktober the 8th we spent the morning at Literaturhaus Berlin. The Exhibition “The Festival of Cooperations” takes a look at the overlapping social, political and ecological crises of the present. It expands on this and also sets its own accents. In seven rooms spread over two floors, […]


MIND THE FUNGI 05.- 06.10.2021 – Workshop with Alessandro Volpato Berlin based Alessandro Volpato has a background as biologist and is involved in citizen science projects as communicator and demonstrator for open scientific tools and the work with fungi.He designs tools to facilitate the learning process in life sciences and explore interdisciplinary research, in- and […]


FORMING THE LIVING 20.09.2021 – 24.09.2021 Workshop Starting-Workshop with Kat Austen, Johann Bauerfeind, Shuyun Liu, Dr Falko Matthes, Rebecca Ritter-Grießhammer and Andi Wagner in the BioLab as part of the “BurgLabs Herbstsession re-up” New technologies make it possible to create living products. Integrating microorganisms into materials offers a seemingly inexhaustible potential. We want to discuss […]


OSSMANNSTEDT Blue Dots in Grey Matter This project uses the fungi Aspergillus nidulans to heal an old silo in Oßmannstedt, a village close to Weimar. Built in the 1930s, close to Buchenwald’s concentration camp, the silo was most likely made by forced labourers. This trauma needs healing, and the abandoned place people tell its story. […]