REEPWERK cherishing eelgrass Each year, more than 27.000 tonnes of eelgrass are washed up on the German coast of the Baltic sea. Reepwerk demonstrates how to turn this material into ropes. So far, eelgrass has mostly been a nuisance for tourists at the beach, while its disposal causes financial issues for coastal communities. The project […]


WARM-UP ALGAE EXPERIMENTS The students were asked to search for algae experiments that they could try by themselves – as a warm up. Photosynthesis with algae balls by Yi Gongand Laura Pelizzari creating agar-based bioplastics by Dorothea Lang Algaegraphs, on the model of Lia Giraud by Ina Turinskyand Andi Wagner Species and habitants by Luis […]


CO[W]WORK a collaboration of biological systems The aim of the co[w]work project is the production of bio-composites from waste materials from the dairy cow industry through the use of energy self-sufficient processes with the help of bacteria, enzymes and other biological substances. It shows two different material chains completely derived from this industry’s waste: The […]