CHITOSAN profile

CHITOSAN profile  by Max Greiner, Lara Herrmann & Sophie Kikowatz Description of the materialChitosan is a substance obtained by deacetylation of chitin (the second most abundant natural biopolymer after cellulose). Natural occurrences of chitin are shellfish, exoskeletons of insects and fungi. The shells or insect carapaces are available in large quantities, e.g. in the production […]


INTERVIEW with ANKE WUNDER from BIOLOG HEPPE by Max Greiner, Sophie Kikowatz & Lara Herrmann What are the most important steps of the chitosan production?  We use shells that are left over from peeling crabs and prawns. Often there are remains of meat (protein) and calcium carbonate, but the most interesting substance of such shells […]


madeLocal  Chitosan – Potentials for regional structures madeLocal is about the idea of fusing an insect farm, chitosan production and processing. The fictional company is a collective of designers and natural scientists. It specializes in developing regional, circular collaborations in the context of the bioplastic chitosan. madeLocal researches potential sustainable partnerships, integrates into existing structures […]