LECTURE SERIES 07.-21.4.2021 – online Unfortunately due to corona non of our excursions & visits could take place as originally planned. However we managed to transfer some of the visits into digital lectures, which also gave an insight and an impression into the soils, resources and experts in and around Halle. 7.4.2021:Betelhem Mekonnen Muluneh from […]


SESSION #1 – SUSTAINLAB WORKSHOP 06.04.2021 – getting started workshop by Henning Francik & Ina Turinsky / SustainLab In a digital workshop Ina & Henning gave a broad overview on different methods of sustainbiiity assessments. After starting of with system perspectives they focussed on Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) as a method to analyse and compare […]


SESSION #1 – BLENDER WORKSHOP 01.04.2021 – Workshop with Tom Witschel Blender is the free and open source software for modeling, animation and rendering. It has developed in such a way that is often used in a professional context – and therefore especially for yound graduates very useful.However, it is not easy to grasp at […]


SESSION #2 – TEMPORARY STRUCTURES In Session #2 we investigated the soils and mineral resources of the region. The students went in search of specific places in the area and explored them by means of methodically diverse “site visits”. This resulted in precise mapping and depictions of the ephemeral, the permanent and the particular of […]


SESSION #2 – METASTABIL 11.05.2021 – lecture by Andreas Wagner Andreas Wagner, industrial designer and part of the BurgMaterial team, has graduated at the BURG on the topic of metastability.He gave a great insight into his design research on structures and constructions that dissassemble after a while or are designed to be dissembled by us […]


SESSION #3 – (CON)TEMPORARY CRUST In Session #3, the task was to translate the site visits and experiments into concepts of temporary objects/structures — inspired by the material’s place of origin. This session was supported by an ideation workshop, which gave insights into methods of collaborative storytelling. In the end, temporary objects were created in […]


SESSION #3 – IDEATION WORKSHOP Still only being able to meet up digitally we transferred also the ideation workshop into the digital world.During the digital site visit presentations, we all together collected the following key aspects for each place: stakeholders, the special, temporal aspects, comments – using a collaborative miro board. Picking out (randomly) one […]