IDEATION WORKSHOP 28.10.2021 In order to begin our project, we took part in a two day workshop during which we made a few exercises to open our mind to the possibilities of the mycelium. It was never questioned to think about the limits or feasibility but only about seeing opportunities, imagining processes. The goal was […]


EXCURSION #3 TO BERLIN 26.10.2021-27.10.2021 Our second visit to Berlin was filled with more input we gained through Museums and their exhibitions, from designers and their work life, universities and their design studies and other associations that are specified on mycelium. Felix Kraemer Our first stop was in Felix Kraemers Studio. Felix is a Berlin […]


NETWORK ANALYSIS 19.10.2021 – Workshop with Rebecca Ritter-Grieshammer & Katherina Mludek At the beginning of our workshop, given by Rebecca Grieshammer and Katherina Mludek, we had the chance to analyse our own networks, sort them into categories and write them down for comparison. Main aspect in this task was to understand and visualize the participants […]


EXCURSION #2 TO JENA 20.10.2021 HKI / Hans-Knöll-Institut Our second trip to Jena started with a lecture on symbioses and fungi in general as well as on the specific relationship between Termitomyces and fungus-growing termite species. Who houses whom in this mutualistic system is just one of the few complex questions the students had for […]


ONLINE LECTURE SERIES 12.10.2021 & 13.10.2021 Gestaltung forscht: Conference of Design-Science “Designforschung” Questions about the meaning of research in design, about its self-understanding and its methods were discussed from different perspectives. In three presentations, experts presented their view on the topic during the digital discourse, which was initiated by Rita Rentzsch, professor for interior architecture […]


LECTURE SERIES 07.-21.4.2021 – online Unfortunately due to corona non of our excursions & visits could take place as originally planned. However we managed to transfer some of the visits into digital lectures, which also gave an insight and an impression into the soils, resources and experts in and around Halle. 7.4.2021:Betelhem Mekonnen Muluneh from […]