EXCURSION TO REMONDIS A Recycling Company in Lünen – 1.4.2019 During our visit to Remondis, we gained insight into different departments of recycling. One example is the processing of metal slag. This involves recovering the residual materials in waste products such as metal slag and furnace breakage. Metal slag is the layer that settles on […]


EXCURSION TO HAZET A Tool Manufacturer in Remscheid – 2.4.2019 Hazet manufactures durable tools for professional use that can be found in car repair shops and other professionals as well as well-equipped amateurs’ workshops. Today, the majority of the business consists of custom-made products for the automotive industry, because new special tools are needed for […]


SAND CASTING Aluminium Casting Workshop – 4.6.2019 In sand casting, the positive mould of the casting object is imprinted on both sides of a two-part sand mould. A thin layer of powder separates the two parts so they can be taken apart easily. The object to be cast must not have any inclusions and should […]


PARAMETRIC AND EVOLUTIONARY DESIGN WORKSHOP a workshop by Tom Pawlofsky We spent half of a day together building small paint robots with very simple techniques. Our main focus was to play with the physical parameters of our bots and program them hereby. During the process, we got a feeling for the impact of small changes. We […]


SEMINAR PAPERS on question concerning biotechnology with design all students wrote a seminar paper What are the potentials of growth processes for design and production? by Tony Beyer Biotechnology: What are the key elements and potentials? What are the risks? by Paulina Gellert Swarm intelligence by Luis Undritz Intersections of computer-aided production methods and biotechnological […]


DUTCH DESIGN WEEK excursion to Eindhoven After we arrived in Eindhoven in the early afternoon, we visited the van Abbe Museum. The exhibiton showed all kind of projects of art and design, like the darkest black, which absorbes more than 99 % of light and for example the Endless Chair of Dirk Vander Kooij. After that […]

BioArtLaboratories EINDHOVEN

BioArtLaboratories EINDHOVEN excursion to Eindhoven The BioArt Laboratories in Eindhoven are a melting pot of disciplines where entrepreneurs, artists, designers and scientists are working and researching together. It offers a world of unlimited possibilities where science, nature, technology and creativity go hand in hand. Together they form the foundation for a sustainable bio-based society which […]