SOUND WORKSHOP with Kevin Strüber In a one-day workshop with the musician and industrial design graduate Kevin Strüber, the students went on a sound expedition.First, the sounds of objects brought along were sensed and described with closed eyes: loud, pleasant, swinging, light, dark, sounding, soft, scratching, soothing, perceptible, melodic, analog, electric.In the end, the first […]


‘WADDEN SEA’ HIKE Schillig / ‘Wadden Sea’ (Wattenmeer) 29.3.2017 We began our excursion with a walk from Schillig through the ‘Wadden Sea’. Our guide gave us a broad impression of the habitat (and UNESCO world natural heritage), which stretches out as far as 10 km from the shore. Our tour went all the way from sun-earth-flood-tide […]


EXCURSION TO ALFRED-WEGENER-INSTITUTE Bremerhaven 30.3.2017 The Alfred Wegener Institute (AWI) is actively involved in unravelling the complex processes at work in the ‘Earth System’. Our planet is undergoing fundamental climate change; the polar regions and the oceans, which play central roles in the global climate system, are in flux. The AWI’s researchers operate various observatories […]


ALGAE MENU cooking a diverse menu with algae, 30.3.2017 To become more familiar with algae we chose the culinary way. Therefore we created an algae menu rich in variety to become acquainted with different species of algae. Algae is naturally rich in iodine, so excessive consumption may cause disturbance of the thyroid gland. We consumed […]


EXPERIMENTAL SEAWEED Workshop with Tjeerd Veenhoven, 1.4.2017 – 25.11.2019 Studio Tjeerd Veenhoven is a Dutch product design studio with a focus on material development. ‘We invent materials, develop new applications, design products and enable sustainable business’. In an open lecture at the material library, Tjeerd Veenhoven introduced us to his work. Exploring the potential of […]


EXPERIMENTAL MICROALGAE Workshop with Mirela Alistar, 4.4.2017 Mirela Alistar visited us for a workshop to teach us about the experimental cultivation of microalgae. Mirela is an internationally known expert for biochips and works for the Hasso Plattner Institute. After a short introduction by Mirela, we got information on what to keep in mind before working […]


PLASTICS FROM SEAWEED Workshop by Norman Friedrich, 2.4.2017 Extracting alginate, agar and carrageen from macro algae – a biochemistry workshop with Norman Friedrich from Martin Luther University Halle. We spent the first part of the day with a presentation which introduced us to the chemical characteristics and possible applications of three substances extracted from algae. […]


ROTATION MOULDING WORKSHOP As a model making process we used rotational moulding even though most bottles are blow moulded industrially. Yet, the rotational moulding was easy to experiment with in our workshops and realized similar shapes. We used polyurethane, which was poured into a negative mould made of silicone. The moulds were clamped in a […]


PARAMETRIC AND EVOLUTIONARY DESIGN WORKSHOP a workshop by Tom Pawlofsky We spent half of a day together building small paint robots with very simple techniques. Our main focus was to play with the physical parameters of our bots and program them hereby. During the process, we got a feeling for the impact of small changes. We […]