SEMINAR PAPERS on question concerning biotechnology with design all students wrote a seminar paper What are the potentials of growth processes for design and production? by Tony Beyer Biotechnology: What are the key elements and potentials? What are the risks? by Paulina Gellert Swarm intelligence by Luis Undritz Intersections of computer-aided production methods and biotechnological […]


DUTCH DESIGN WEEK excursion to Eindhoven After we arrived in Eindhoven in the early afternoon, we visited the van Abbe Museum. The exhibiton showed all kind of projects of art and design, like the darkest black, which absorbes more than 99 % of light and for example the Endless Chair of Dirk Vander Kooij. After that […]

BioArtLaboratories EINDHOVEN

BioArtLaboratories EINDHOVEN excursion to Eindhoven The BioArt Laboratories in Eindhoven are a melting pot of disciplines where entrepreneurs, artists, designers and scientists are working and researching together. It offers a world of unlimited possibilities where science, nature, technology and creativity go hand in hand. Together they form the foundation for a sustainable bio-based society which […]


KLARENBEEK & DROS excursion to Zaandam On our study trip to the Netherlands we had the chance to meet designers Eric Klarenbeek & Maartje Dros in their studio in Zaandam near Amsterdam. Eric provided us a substantial insight into their way of working and the purposes they are following in design. Their main focus lies […]


PHOTANOL excursion to Amsterdam During our trip to Amsterdam we visited the company PHOTANOL in the Science Park Amsterdam. The company operates with a genetic modification of cyanobacteria to produce different biochemicals. During their life the bacteria transfer carbon dioxide through photosynthesis into organic bulk. This process allows PHOTANOL to produce a wide range of […]


MICROPIA excursion to Amsterdam As part of the Artis Royal Zoo in Amsterdam, Micropia focusses on the smallest living beings on earth, the invisible life of microbes. It is the goal to change our view towards them. Microbes do not only cause diseases, but in fact, microbes are the most powerful, most successful life on […]


BIOMIMICRY WORKSHOP a workshop by Arndt Pechstein Warm-Up We split in groups of two people. One had to close the eyes and the other choose one of the objects from nature which Arndt had prepared for us. The person with closed eyes had to make out by touch which were the main characteristics of this […]


BIOMINERALISATION WORKSHOP a workshop by Filipe Natalio, Norman Friedrich and Kranthi Vanchanagiri from the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg Two days of biomineralisation with Filipe, Kranthi and Norman Preparation of Type A Medium Preparation of Type B Medium Adding Material in Medium for Biomineralisation Cleaning Materials from Bacteria and Media after Biomineralisation Decanting a New Bacteria […]