FLUSHED digest the rest Each day, a large number of pharmaceuticals, their degradation products, and other micropollutants end up in our wastewater. The concentration of heavy metals, hormones, and antibiotics in the groundwater is therefore increasing strongly impacting our environment.The toilet paper flushed has a mycelial component that is only reactivated during flushing. The hyphal […]


PROTEIN-BASED BIOPLASTICS profile  by Charlotte Bolinski, Amon Zänker & Sophia Reißenweber Description of the material:Proteins consist of amino acids and are built up and broken down by enzymes. Depending on the protein source, they differ greatly in their composition. Proteases are enzymes that cut up other proteins. Through  cross-linking of amino acids by a certain enzyme, […]


INTERVIEW with BASSE STITTGEN by Sophia Reißenweber, Amon Zänker & Charlotte Bolinski What are the benefits of protein-based bioplastics? I am generally not an expert for protein-based bioplastics. What interests me about the containing proteins are the resources like egg white, blood, or the different kinds of seeds like hemp seeds with which it is […]


INTERVIEW with JASMIN BOSSE & SONIA GRIMMINGER from UBA by Sophia Reißenweber, Amon Zänker & Charlotte Bolinski In which area of application do they currently see the greatest potential for bioplastics as a substitute for petroleum-based plastics?  In general, we take a critical view of the use of bioplastics. A distinction is made between „biobased“ […]


HYNER Textiles from chicken feathers Due to industrial factory farming, there are three times as many chickens as people in the world. In the EU alone, 3.1 million tonnes of chicken feathers are produced every year (1), which pose a major disposal problem due to overbreeding and rapidly spreading diseases.HYNER develops textiles from chicken feather […]

ß – ɛsˈtsɛt

ß – ɛsˈtsɛt Self-sufficient energy cells for climate-neutral business concepts “Apply for an ß with your idea for energy self-sufficiency and become a climate-neutral producer in Greppin! We will provide the right ß-modules with integrated solar cells for you.”“ß” is a concept for participatory founding of companies in regions affected by structural changes. Everyone is […]


RESUS recycled and recyclable glasses Glasses combine a medical tool with a fashionable accessory that enhances the wearer’s recognition value and underlines his or her uniqueness. In comparison to other plastic glasses, which are mostly made of cellulose acetate, Resus is made of recycled polypropylene which, at the same time, guarantees complete recyclability. The spectacles […]