NOTHING PERMANENT Reuse of individual packaging Nothing Permanent explores the value of packaging materials and gives them another use. We imagine that a second life of packaging materials would already be integrated into the design.Could fungal spores already be incorporated into the cavities of a film? Are the air cushions shaped more like a shoe […]


BACTERIAL CELLULOSE profile  by Stefanie Putsch, Dean Weigand & Elena Bangel Description of the material: Cellulose is a polymer made from the monomer cellobiose. It is the main component of plant cell membranes and is the most abundant biomolecule. The linkage of the monomers takes place through a condensation reaction in which two hydroxyl groups (-OH) form […]


BACETO a series of experiments on the three-dimensional printability of bacterial cellulose In this project, I investigated the three-dimensional printability of the bacteria Acetobacter xylinum. It was important to find out how to optimize the conditions the bacteria need to form cellulose and how to maintain a humid climate and a sufficient oxygen supply. According […]