is transition for sale?

is transition for sale? sustainability consulting by design Time is pressing. Not only the climate crisis is acute. It is no longer just a question of environmentally compatible materials and technologies. A sustainable future requires a fundamental rethink. A transformation. As quickly as possible. The focus of this semester project was not on products, but […]


FISHING HAT The fishing hat is a symbol of outdoor fashion and a maritime atmosphere. Perfect for fishing and paddling: With its wide brim, the hat made of leathery-looking sugar kelp optimally protects the face and neck from the weather. The adjustable chin strap made of finger kelp and a stopper made of knotted kelp […]


ZETTELS Lamp made of sugar algae – cover of the classic lamp by Ingo Maurer While in the original handwritten pieces of paper are held and illuminated by the clamps, in this homage they are dried sugar algae leaves. The variety of colours of the semi-transparent algae creates an interesting play of light. Light tube – […]


SEA2SEA evolving from and returning to the sea A blister pack as we know it only too well, cotton buds, the packaging of a lollipop and a somewhat unusual form of shampoo. These products have one thing in common: they are all made of algae. Finger kelp, alginate and screw algae, that’s all it took. […]


EAT MONEY “The algae currency” El Salvador … the first country to introduce Bit Coins as official currency, marked by poverty and one of the supposedly most dangerous countries in the world. Bit Coins are very important for criminal interaction and money laundering. It can be paid quickly and anonymously. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) […]


SEEGRAS SHADES Pressed seaweed glasses frame Every year, many tonnes of seaweed are stranded on the coasts of the North and Baltic Seas and have to be disposed off at great expense. The seaweed neither serves as a source of energy nor can it be composted. Pressed into sheets, however, it is an attractive material […]


ALGILETTEN Bathing slippers made from algae composite The traditional adilette is all the rage. With this original form, algae is now brought into fashion in the form of the algilette. Pleasant wearing comfort with a connection to nature. The slight smell of algae is reminiscent of the last holiday by the sea. There is nothing […]


ALGAE POT Plant pot made from bladderwrack In addition to growing pots made of coconut fibres and other natural materials, we are creating a new concept for plant pots made of bladderwrack. This type of algae naturally contains many valuable nutrients such as nitrogen, calcium, magnesium or potassium, which are ideal for growing soil plants. […]


MAGAZIN: PAPERCUT Two concepts on shaving according to needs What is needs-based shaving? Nowadays shaving products are available in all kinds of shapes and colors, but if you want to buy a “sustainable” product, you have to dig deep into your pocket. In addition, a noble razor due to the processing and CO2 elaborate material […]