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Design Research Now
Essays and Selected Projects, 2007

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Design entwickelt sich zu einer anerkannten wissenschaftlichen Disziplin und die Designforschung ist der treibende Bodensatz dieser Transformation. «Design Research Now» vermisst das Feld der Designforschung anhand grundlegender Essays und ausgewählter Forschungen und nimmt zu den wichtigsten Fragen der Designforschung Stellung.

There are many opinions concerning the beginning of design as a discipline, its main tasks, its possibilities and prospects. One of the key strengths of Design Research Now. Essays and Selected Projects, edited by Ralf Michel, is precisely that it provides the reader with several essays and project results whereby questions are seriously revised and a variety of views are presented, reconsidered and organized. More importantly, the book offers the current state of knowledge in the field of design research, as well as answers about design in general and about more specialized topics.

A close look at the index confirms the book’s wide scope: 13 texts, 254 carefully layouted pages, 14 renowned designers from 7 different countries. The book offers a highly intellectual treatment of design, scientific views on the discipline and an in-depth presentation of research methods and results. In the introduction, the editor Ralf Michel summarizes the need and importance of “design research” in the following way:

At the core of most, if not all, concepts of design research is the realisation that, in a age of increasingly complex conditions for practising and studying design, there are almost no systematic bases for the continued development of design as an academic discipline; systematic in the sense of scientific and thus independently arguable. Many people have come to realize that if design is to have a future as a socially, culturally or economically relevant discipline, it cannot dispense with the academic tools of the discipline’s cognitive force and agency. (Page 15)

design research now, 2007