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Gračanica, Kosovo

erstellt am: 28.10.2017 | von: englich | Kategorie(n): Expeditionen


Gračanica, Kosovo
besucht von Tony Beyer, Jonas Duteloff, Luisa Krause, Laura Pelizzari, Vincent Zimmer

GAIA is a peace organization working in a field of peace building, solidarity between people, social justice and environmental protection. GAIA is also promoting cultural diversity and works on education and integration of marginalized and minority group in society, especially Roma, Askhali and Egyptian.

GAIA is offical branch of Service Civil International in Kosovo.

GAIA is carrying on the following types of activities:
workcamps LTV (long term volunteering)
youth exchanges local actions and campaigns
* non-formal education (trainings, seminars, workshops etc)

Gaia Kosovo
Gaia Crew
Imaginatorium Gracanica